Looking to update the look of your commercial space?


Commercial Painting Services

Keeping an updated, well-maintained appearance is paramount in the business world. The way your building looks is a reflection of your company. A fresh paint job will draw in customers and make your place of business look more attractive. We have the knowledge and expertise to complete any commercial project, big or small, while meeting the highest quality standards. We will deliver superior results on budget, on time and will exceed all of your expectations with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Careful Preparation

At SRB Painting, we take great pride in our attention to detail. We take all of the necessary steps to protect the area and prep each surface for painting. We use a high powered pressure washer to water blast all exterior surfaces of loose paint, grime and heavy build-up in preparation for the primer stage. Our crew will walk around the property to fill any holes or cracks. If the exterior requires scraping or sanding to remove loose paint, we take the time to take care of those tasks to ensure the best possible finish.

If we see any cracks, we fill those with the appropriate sealant to have the best possible surface for the paint job. If there are any obstructions, such as potted plants, we take the time to cover or move them and return them back to their original position after we are done. Our skilled and trained professionals can diagnose and solve the unique challenges of each project and will clean up after themselves at the end of each day.