Epoxy Coating can transform the look of your garage

epoxy surface floors

How long do they Last?

Epoxy flooring generally lasts 10-20 years depending on how well you maintain it and how much foot traffic the area gets day to day. Epoxy floors are extremely durable and the good news is that they are easy to maintain and do not damage easily. Proper maintenance of epoxy floors is key if you want them to have a long lifespan.

Cement Floors

Traditional cement floors are prone to everyday wear and tear and oil spills. One spill can leave a permanent mark on those cement floors and leave your garage looking less than ideal. Now is the right time to give a dramatic transformation to those dull cement floors and invest in epoxy flooring. They are durable, easy to maintain and really transform the look of your garage.

Epoxy Coating

Transform your plain concrete floors into a beautiful, durable surface. A fresh coat of epoxy will give a professional look to your garage or workspace. There are many different finishes and textures to choose from as well as numerous choices of flakes to add to your floors. Our process begins by acid etching the concrete surface, pressure washing and then we apply top quality epoxy on your floors.


So what makes an epoxy coating one of the best finishes for your garage floor? Besides giving your garage an elegant look, it is easy to clean and any dirt or oil will come off easily. A floor treated with epoxy is non-porous which makes it water resistant and less prone to staining. Most of all epoxy garage floors are exceptionally durable and will be resistant to water stains, spills and more.